2 March 2014
2 March 2014,

The release of OrientDB 1.7-rc2 is very close. We’ve fixed many bugs, supported binary compatibility against older versions (up to v1.5) and we introduced a new interesting feature: walking into the graph. When you execute a query you get back a resultset:

orientdb {GratefulDeadConcerts}> select from v where type = ’artist’

#   |@RID  |in_written_by|in_sung_by|name                |type  
0   |#9:7  |[size=9]     |[size=7]  |Bo_Diddley          |artist
1   |#9:8  |[size=4]     |[size=146]|Garcia              |artist
2   |#9:9  |#9:2         |[size=2]  |Spencer_Davis       |artist
3   |#9:27 |#9:3         |null      |Hardin_Petty        |artist
4   |#9:50 |[size=4]     |[size=99] |Weir                |artist
5   |#9:93 |[size=96]    |[size=3]  |Hunter              |artist
6   |#9:131|[size=39]    |null      |Traditional         |artist
7   |#9:136|#9:135       |null      |West_Tilghman_Holly |artist
8   |#9:169|[size=2]     |null      |Jesse_Fuller        |artist
9   |#9:174|[size=28]    |null      |Barlow              |artist
10  |#9:179|#9:88        |null      |John_Phillips       |artist
11  |#9:183|null         |[size=3]  |Weir_Hart           |artist
12  |#9:208|#9:99        |null      |Johnny_Cash         |artist
13  |#9:218|#9:102       |null      |Marty_Robbins       |artist
14  |#9:222|#9:139       |null      |Don_Rollins         |artist
15  |#9:223|null         |#9:14     |Garcia_Lesh_Weir    |artist
16  |#9:233|#9:96        |null      |Kristofferson_Foster|artist
17  |#9:245|[size=5]     |null      |Chuck_Berry         |artist
18  |#9:258|null         |[size=8]  |Pigpen_Weir         |artist
19  |#9:261|#9:69        |null      |Robert_Johnson      |artist
LIMIT EXCEEDED: resultset contains more items not displayed (limit=20)

20 item(s) found. Query executed in 0.031 sec(s).

After a query, the current record is always the first one in the resultset. To display it, use the new “current” command:

orientdb {GratefulDeadConcerts}> current

ODocument _ Class: V   id: #9:7   v.19
       in_written_by : [size=9]            
          in_sung_by : [size=7]            
                name : Bo_Diddley          
                type : artist

To move to the next record, use the new “next” command:

ODocument _ Class: V   id: #9:8   v.153
          in_sung_by : [size=146]          
       in_written_by : [size=4]            
                name : Garcia              
                type : artist              

To go back in the result, use “prev”. Now, to move to the incoming ‘written_by’ vertices, before 1.7-rc2 we had to issue another query by using the current RID:

select in(‘written_by’) from #9:8

But now we can simply “move” to them by using the new “move” console command:

orientdb {GratefulDeadConcerts}> move in(‘written_by’)

@RID  |#   |type|in_followed_by|name                 |song_type|performances|out_followed_by|out_sung_by|out_written_by
#9:461|1   |song|null          |CANT COME DOWN       |original |1           |null           |#9:335     |#9:8          
#9:465|2   |song|null          |CREAM PUFF WAR       |original |7           |null           |#9:8       |#9:8          
#9:494|3   |song|null          |THE ONLY TIME IS NOW |original |1           |null           |#9:335     |#9:8          

After this command, the resultset has been updated with those records and the current record is the first one. Now we can continue walking into the graph, through incoming or outgoing edges, vertices or even links.

Cool, right?

Have fun with Graphs,
Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB


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