Courses are provided in classes composed of a minimum of 5 to maximum 20 people. All the prices are per attendee. If the course is provided On-Site (usually the client's office) then all travel costs are charged to the client and scheduled within 15-30 days. If the course is provided On-line, then a video-conference tool will be used. In this case, there are no travel costs and it can be scheduled within 1-10 days. Most of the time, a Workshop is provided in the context of a IT conference or as soon as there are at least 20 attendees to create a class. Furthermore, there are no travel costs and it can be usually scheduled within 15-30 days.

For more information, please contact describing the course you're interested in, your use case in few words, the attendees' skills, location and availability time frame. After the training, you will receive a certification of training course completion.

After the training, get your Certification.