Orient Technologies collaborates with partners to provide a world-wide support. Certified people can work in Partner companies to provide Orient Technologies services.

If you'd like to became a partner contact info@orientechnologies.com to receive the "Partnership Agreement".

Business Partners

Business Partners work with Orient Technologies around the world.

Asset Data
Asset Data is an European company specialized in Open Source products such as OrientDB. Asset Data provides consultancy on OrientDB for the Europe. Asset Data already helped several companies to build applications on top of OrientDB technology.
SoftwareONE is a licensing solutions provider with the unique combination of being truly global, fully-focused on software licensing solutions, and privately-owned since 1985. Our 1400+ licensing professionals provide expertise through a consultative, long-term approach, helping you optimize your software spend, while facilitating relationships between you, software publishers, and local service providers.Global Offices: 82 Countries. Employees: 1400 worldwide

Technological Partners

Technological Partners cooperate with Orient Technologies to offer integrated solutions.

TinkerPop is specialized in the Graph Database field. It provides different Open Source projects to work with a GraphDB. The TinkerPop Blueprints project aims to have a shared set of basic interfaces to abstract the concepts of Graph, Vertex, Edge and Property. This is the closest thing to a standard for Graph DBMSs. Other projects works on top of the Blueprints: Gremlin, Rexster, Pipes and others. TinkerPop and Orient Technologies staff together built the OrientDB implementation of the Blueprints.