Enterprise Edition

OrientDB is FREE for any purpose (including commercial) and is released under the Apache2 License. The Enterprise Edition is commercial software developed by the same team that developed the OrientDB engine. It serves as an extension of the Community Edition by providing Enterprise features such as: Query Profiler, Metrics recording, and Live Monitor with configurable alerts.

To request a trial OrientDB Enterprise Edition license, please send an email to info@orientechnologies.com.

Feature Matrix

Community EditionEnterprise Edition
LicenseOpen Source Apache2 LicenseCommercial License
Embedded, Remote and In-Memory Storageyesyes
Console Tool yesyes
Studio Visual Toolyesyes
High Availability Replication, Sharing and Fail-overyesyes
TinkerPop Stack (Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes, SparQL)yesyes
Metric Recording for Historical Analysis (Monitor and tune your servers for maximum performance)noyes
Query Profiler (Locate 80% of the bottlenecks in your application)noyes
Configurable Alerts (Email alerts or executing HTTP requests)noyes
Hot-fix and New Release Notificationsnoyes
Centralised Online Backupsnoyes
Production SupportnoyesAvailable
Get Enterprise + Professional Support!
Annual Fee for Regular CompaniesFree Download£ 1,000.00* first server,
£ 500.00* from the 2nd

or Bank transfer

Annual Fee for Startups

Startups are defined as companies created not more than 2 years ago with less than 20 employees and maximum £ 1M in annual revenue.

Free Download £ 500.00* first server,
£ 250.00* from the 2nd

or Bank transfer

To purchase more than 1 license, to inquire about OEM, or for any other sales-related inquiries, please contact the Orient Technologies Sales Team.

* VAT 20% is applied only to individuals or companies based in the UK. In all other cases, VAT services are subject to the reverse charge. VAT to be accounted for by the recipient as per article 196 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC.