OrientDB 2.0-M2


September 29th 2014 Changelog:

  • Studio: Improved Graph Editor, fixed many bugs to improve UX
  • Server: On first run ask for root password. Blank means auto-generate (like before)
  • Core:
    • Added ODocument.fromMap() and ODocument.toMap()
    • Removed memory OWatchDog thread
    • Pool, new methods to get internal information
    • Merged in core commons and native-os modules
    • Auto configure of Off-Heap memory used by DiskCache
  • Graph API: new requireTransaction setting to check TX is begun on graph changes
  • Distributed:
    • Supported asynchronous replication via API and Configuration
    • On first run ask for node name. Blank means auto-generate (like before)
    • Unified script and config with stand-alone server
OrientDB 2.0-M1


September 18th 2014 Changelog:

  • Studio: New Layout, new Graph Editor, new Security panel (Users and Roles management)
  • Security: Added configurable SSL keystore and truststore
  • Memory: In-Memory database uses off-heap cache
  • Graph API:
    • New OrientGraphAsynch: the first experimental version of asynchronous graph
    • New SQL MOVE VERTEX command to refactor a portion of graphs and to move vertices between distributed nodes
    • Improved OrientGraphFactory performance by reducing recycling time. Added central config of generated graphs in Factory
    • Creation of edges no longer updates both vertices resulting in improved performance
  • Console: Improved layout
  • Distributed: 3x performance gains
  • Core:
    • New Schema Driver Serialization: avoids writing field names for records with Schema
    • Added strategies to manage conflict: by content and auto-merge. Injection is now possible.
    • Custom strategy via Java API
    • New RWLocks to speedup internal parallelism
    • Disabled SNAPPY compression by default
    • Improved schema concurrency
    • Removed 2nd level cache
  • SQL:
    • New UUID() function to generate Unique IDs
    • New statistic functions: mode(), variance(), stddev(), median(), percentile()
    • New SQL MOVE VERTEX command to refactor portion of graphs and to move vertices between
    • Rewritten implementation of shortestPath() function
    • Improvement for “order by @rid desc” to browse results in the opposite direction without using an index or RAM.
  • Configuration: Global settings are copied in database at creation time and can be updated
  • Bug fixing: 20 from 1.7.9, hundreds from 1.7.
OrientDB 1.7.9


September 22nd 2014 Changelog:

  • Engine: new “minimumclusters” to auto-create X clusters per class
  • Engine: new cluster strategy to pick the cluster. Available round-robin, default and balanced
  • Engine: added record locking via API
  • Engine: removed rw/locks on schema and index manager
  • Engine: cached most used users and roles in RAM (configurable)
  • SERVER: new support for SSL connections on binary and HTTP protocols
  • STUDIO: bookmarks for queries
  • STUDIO: ability to interrupt running commands
  • CONSOLE: new “script” command to execute multiple SQL statements + transaction control
  • CONSOLE: new “next” command to move the cursor on the next record in the result set
  • CONSOLE: new “pref” command to move the cursor on the previous record in the result set
  • CONSOLE: new “move ” command to move from current record by executing a predicate
  • CONSOLE: new “eval ” command to evaluate a predicate against current record
  • CONSOLE: ability to ignore errors by setting “set ignore = true”
  • DISTRIBUTED: new support for Sharding
  • DISTRIBUTED: simplified (JSON) configuration
  • GRAPH: new functions to return the traversed items: traversedVertex(), traversedEdge() and traversedElement()
  • GRAPH: method addEdge() can takes ORID to use implicitly last record version
  • SQL: new PARALLEL keyword to run the query on multiple threads
  • SQL: new “INSERT INTO … SELECT” to copy records
  • SQL: new “INSERT INTO … RETURN ” to return expressions on INSERT
  • SQL: new “UPDATE … RETURN ” to return expressions on UPDATE
  • SQL: function distance() accepts measure unit (default = km)
  • HTTP: added support for context variables in SCRIPT command
  • INDEXES: added Full-Text Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • INDEXES: added GEO Spatial Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • INDEXES: added WAL (Journal) support for Hash-Index so can be used in Transactions
  • INDEXES: added NULL support for composite and non-composite indexes
  • INDEXES: full-Text can be configured through METADATA keyword
  • INDEXES: full-Text now indexes also sub-words
  • INDEXES: improved SQL optimizer by avoiding calling evaluate() when not needed
  • INDEXES: LINKSET types can be indexed now
  • INDEXES: RID can be used on composite indexes 
OrientDB 1.7-rc2 -
March 25th 2014 Changelog:

  • CORE: supported retro-compatibility for databases created with OrientDB v1.5 or further (#1899)
  • CORE: improved performance on ORDER BY against indexes (#1843)
  • CORE: improved performance on RENAME CLASS (#1818)
  • GRAPH: added support for vertex-centric traversal by using SQL (#2079)
  • SQL: new UPSERT keyword to execute an INSERT or UPDATE based on a condition (#2032)
  • SQL: UPDATE now can ADD also to sub-document fields (#2031)
  • INDEXES: added support for external engines (#1774)
  • STUDIO: new Query Timeline to the History, new Index Panel, Fixed many bugs
OrientDB 1.7-rc1
February 6th 2014 Changelog:

  • Engine: new LINKBag to manage LINKS by using SBTree indexes. This drastically improved performance
  • SQL: new LOCK keyword to specify locking strategy
  • SQL: new RETURNING keyword to let to UPDATE and DELETE commands to return modified records
  • SQL: new include() and exclude() to respectively include or exclude fields of documents
  • SQL: operator [] now can be used in chain, also with functions
  • SQL: projections can be reused as variables
  • SQL: support for LET also in UPDATE and DELETE commands
  • Graph API: support for ordered edge list
  • Graph API: new detach() and attach() method to work with Graph Element offline
  • Graph API: new OrientGraphFactory to manage pooled instances
  • HTTP: new support for ETag, If-Match and If-None-Match headers
  • HTTP: new PATCH method against /document command and /documentbyclass for partial updates
  • Distributed: database deploy now is chunked to avoid RAM saturation
  • Backup and Restore: improved speed from 5x to 50x
  • Studio: new CSV download of Query result
OrientDB 1.6.4
January 16th 2014 Changelog:

  • Blueprints integrated in “graphdb” module
  • Hotfixes against 1.6.3
OrientDB 1.6.3
December 27th 2013 Changelog:

  • Hotfixes against 1.6.2
OrientDB 1.6.2
December 9th 2013 Changelog:

  • SBTree: new index engine with the support for transactions and range queries
  • Hotfixes against 1.6.1
OrientDB 1.6.1
November 20th 2013 Hotfixes against 1.6. Look at the list of Changelog
OrientDB 1.6
October 31st 2013 Changelog:

  • SBTree: new index engine with the support for transactions and range queries
  • Distributed: new Architecture based on Hazelcast, new Distributed Transaction support across
    nodes, new Database Sharding feature
  • Studio: total rewriting in a new tool hosted on separate project
  • HTTP: execute commands in batch mode, partial document updates, JSON as return of create and
    update documents, management of multi databases in the same connection
  • Scripts: new Orient variable to get database instances, new switchUser() API to change current
  • Plugins: new hot deployment plugin as folders, zip and jar files
  • SQL: new target “metadata” to retrieve schema and indexes
  • Console: new silent mode
  • Many features and performance improvements on plocal and hash indexes
OrientDB 1.5.1 September 3rd 2013 Hotfixes against 1.5.0. Look at the list of Changelog
OrientDB 1.5
July 29th 2013 Changelog:

  • New PLOCAL (Paginated Local) storage engine. In comparison with LOCAL it’s more durable (no usage of MMAP) and supports better concurrency on parallel transactions. To migrate your database to PLOCAL follow this guide: migrate-from-local-storage-engine-to-plocal
  • New Hash Index type with better performance on lookups. It does not support ranges
  • New “transactional” SQL command to execute commands inside a transaction. This is useful for “create edge” SQL command to avoid the graph get corrupted
  • Import now migrates RIDs allowing to import databases in a different one from the original
  • “Breadth first” strategy added on traversing (Java and SQL APIs)
  • Server can limit maximum live connections (to prevent DOS)
  • Fetch plan support in SQL statements and in binary protocol for synchronous commands too
  • Bug fixing
OrientDB 1.4.1 June 18th 2013 Bug fixing. Changelog.
OrientDB 1.4 June 7th 2013 Changelog:

  • Graph: total rewrite of Blueprints API that now are the default Java interface, support for light-weight edges (no document), labeled relationships using separate classes and vertex fields
  • Storage: new Paged-Local compressed “plocal” engine (not yet transactional)
  • SQL: INSERT and UPDATE supports JSON syntax, improved usage of indexes upon ORDER BY, supported timeout in query and global, new create function command, flatten() now is expand(), new OSQLMethod classes to handle methods even in chain, new encode() and decode() functions, support for new dictionary: as target in SELECT and TRAVERSE
  • new SCHEDULER component using CRON syntax
  • new OTriggered class to use JS as hook
  • MMap: auto flush of pages on regular basis
  • Fetch-plan: support for skip field using “-2″
  • Index: auto rebuild in background, usage of different data-segment
  • Export: supported partial export like schema, few clusters, etc.
  • Console: improved formatting of resultsets
  • HTTP: new /batch command supporting transaction too, faster connection through /connect command, /document returns a JSON
  • Studio: UML display of class
OrientDB 1.3 December 19th 2012 Changelog:

  • SQL: new eval() function to execute expressions, new if(), ifnull() and coalesce() functions, supported server-side configuration for functions, new DELETE VERTEX and DELETE EDGE commands, execution of database functions from SQL commands, new create cluster command
  • Graph: bundled 2 algorithms: Dijkstra and ShortestPath between vertices
  • Performance: improved opening time when a connections is reused from pool, better management of indexes in ORDER BY
  • Schema: new API to handle custom fields
  • HTTP/REST: new support for fetch-plan and limit in “command”
  • Moved from Google Code to GitHub: https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb