OrientDB is used by some of the most accomplished companies in the world and those on their way to becoming great.

OrientDB is the first and only graph database to appear on Gartner’s Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant* based on Orient Technologies ability to execute and completeness of vision.

*Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management System, Donald Feinberg, et al, October 21, 2013.


This is a list of testimonials about using OrientDB. If you want to say your, please write to: info@orientechnologies.com.

"We're using OrientDB to store user attributes found on networks (emails, phone numbers, IP/MAC addresses, etc) and relationships among them. We need graph DB to be able to find paths between two unrelated nodes. Why we selected OrientDB between other Graph Database solutions? Three main reasons: it's free, has good performance and uses native graph storage, comparing to Titan for example."

-Andrey Yesyev - IBM Software Group, Security Systems

"I have successfully implemented a large scale decision tree learning system on top of OrientDB. A decision tree consisting of hundreds of millions of nodes with attached metadata can be traversed within a few milliseconds due to OrientDB's efficient O(1) link lookups. The incremental creation of the tree which is very slow on some competing databases works quickly and efficiently.Before the implementation phase, I have carefully evaluated OrientDB against various competing products and performed a thorough review of the open-source codebase.All of this left me thoroughly impressed - I consider OrientDB to be a best of breed document and graph database, ready for production use and ideal for our purposes.During the implementation phase, some tough technology questions came up. I had several contacts to the team at Orient Technologies. They were quick to respond, helpful and very knowledgeable. I can only recommend working with them."

- Kai Londenberg, Senior Data Scientist and Software Developer at GfK nurago GmbH, Germany, March 2014

Using OrientDB in UltraDNS: "as a result our DNS server was able to move to a model that keeps almost every zone in memory while serving the data out of a lock-free pipeline. This yielded significant performance improvement that resulted in a >7x QPS processing capacity on a per DNS server basis."

- Jeffrey Damick, Neustar Principal Software Engineer (Source)

"We have chosen OrientDB because we needed a Graph database to manage relationships among documents in a simple ed efficient way. Furthermore we needed an embeddable engine with a non-limiting license due to our business model. OrientDB matches all our criteria and over. Its team is always available, very active and always ready to give support about doubts and questions."

- Claudio Tesoriero, founder @BaasBox

"I didn't expect it, but the document database is really easy to use. I just love how we can create schemas and set constraints programmatically. I've found that we're the most productive during development when using OrientDB. Other databases (Oracle, Postgres, whatever) do not make us near as productive."

- Dave Sims Flux Founder and CEO

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