Orient Technologies provides consultancy for the OrientDB product. The Orient Technologies Team is certified and lead by Luca Garulli, author of OrientDB.

For more information, please contact us at info@orientechnologies.com describing the kind of activity you're interested in, a brief description of your use case, location and availability time-frame.

Development Team

Development of modules and portions of the client's application can be provided On-Site and By-Task. Orient Technologies provides certified developers from OrientDB and/or from Partners according to the client's needs and location. If the consultancy work is On-Site and there isn't a partner available in the same city of the client, travel costs are charged to the client. By-Task activities are executed outside the client's offices and therefore will not incur travel costs.

  • 1-5 days: £ 600 + VAT* per day/consultant
  • 6-15 days: £ 500 + VAT* per day/consultant
  • >15 days: £ 400 + VAT* per day/consultant

Design and Tuning

High-level design and fine-tuning of applications that use OrientDB. Usually these activities are provided before, during and after the application has been developed by certified consultants. If the activities are performed On-Site, all travel costs are charged to the client (scheduled in 15-30 days). If the activities are performed On-Line, we will use a video-conference tool. There are no travel costs incurred with On-Line delivery and it can be scheduled with very short notice (1-10 days).

  • 1 day: £ 1,100 + VAT* per day/consultant
  • 2-4 days: £ 1,000 + VAT* per day/consultant
  • >4 days: £ 800 + VAT* per day/consultant

* VAT 20% is applied only to individuals or companies based in the UK. In all other cases, VAT services are subject to the reverse charge. VAT to be accounted for by the recipient as per article 196 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC.